Rao’s Media Organization

RAO’s Group is an Indian Media Group having weekly news magazine and news website published in Delhi. It was founded in 2013 and originally by Rohan Bhende, a Maharashtrian Born Indian and by profession writer of “Modern Indian History”. The RAO’s Media Group is India’s most respected and diversified media conglomerate that has created an enviable legacy of trust, leadership and admiration since the group’s inception over Six Year ago. The launch of The Children Express magazine in 2013 set the beginning of the group’s journey into a multi brand, multi-platform and multi vertical media group, with brands that command undisputed leadership across categories.

To foster actionable, interdisciplinary research to address fundamental challenges in sustainability, energy, and environment; to provide national and international leadership in these areas through interdisciplinary education and outreach activities, and to develop and implement strategies for a sustainable environment on RAO’s Group Publication’ and beyond.

The group publishes the nation’s most reading Educational weekly “The Student Express”, “The Student Express – Hindi”, “The Student Express – Marathi”, “The Student Express – Bengali”, “The Student Express – Urdu” with same also group publish Top rating research journal “Researcher – The Step of Success” and political weekly “Maharshtra Maza”

In 2011 the RAO’s Media launched a platform for growing writers and writing professionals by starting R K Publication. Today RKP has offices in 5 states and More than 89 books published in different languages and especially for students.

The RAO’s Media group is dedicated to helping people understand the world through on-the-ground, expert and deeply reported independent journalism. The consistent focus on the Gold Standard of Journalism along with the implementation of best practices and the latest technology, continues to keep the group as the most preferred content source for the Indian audience by delivering India to the world and the world to India.